In Møstavågen at Frei these 3 sea houses are beautifully situated, right at the sea in the innermost part of a small fjord, well protected against bad weather.

The sea houses have a high standard, their own outside sittinggroup with furniture for each house, a good boat at the floating-quay and a special room for cleansing fish, equipped with cold and hot water, 1 big outdoor grill and 3 small outdoor grills, one for each sea house.

From the sea house there is a beautiful view of the sea and the mountain landscape. In addition to fishing, you can go for nice walks in the mountains, at nice, rural roads or in the woods, or perhaps go for a hike in the mountains, to Lågfjellet or Freifjellet. It is an excellent scenery for cycling and your host has bikes for rent.
The fishing grounds are found both at open sea and in the fjords where you are well protected against bad weather.

The distance to Kristiansund is 22 km. by car. By boat you will arrive in 10 minutes.



Drive the E-6 north to Oppdal, or the E-3 north to Ulsberg and then the E-6 south to Oppdal. From Oppdal you drive the Rv. 70 to Sunndalsøra and further the Rv. 70 to Kristiansund. In the round-about at Krifast you follow the way to Kristiansund. After the road-tunnel of Freifjord you turn left after approximately 1 km. Follow the road-sign to Møstavågen. After about 3 kilometres, you arrive to the sea. From there you can see the sea houses 200 metres out the fjord. You follow the road to Amundøy about 150 metres. Then you turn right and drive on a narrow road about 150 metres to the sea houses.



If you don’t arrive by private car, you may arrive to Kristiansund by air or by bus. The airport in Kristiansund is situated on Kvernberget and from there you have airport – buses to the city.
Nor-way express bus has bus routes that make it possible to get to Kristiansund both from the south and the north of Norway. From the bus-stop “Storbakken Rv. 70” short before Kristiansund, you may catch a local bus to Møstavågen. Nettbussen Møre no. 811 or 812 stops right at the small road leading to the sea houses. The bus stop is called Møst.



Welcome to the Møst sea houses!