In Møstavågen at Frei these 3 sea houses are situated right at the seaside. The houses have a high standard, separate outdoor area with furniture belonging to each sea house, good boats with inboard engine at the floating quai, and a separate room for cleansing and preparing fish with cold and hot water.

From the sea houses there is a beautiful view of the sea and also a view of the surrounding mountains. Good fishing places you will find both at open sea and in the fjords where you are well protected against bad weather and heavy winds. It is also an area well suited for cycling, and the hosts have bikes for rent. 

The area is also well suited for mountain hikes and you will find many beautiful tracks both in the mountains and in the woods.

To Kristiansund , the capital  of Nordmøre, the distance is only 22 kilometres. The city is presently supplying base for oil and gas production north of 62o , and has long traditions of fishing industry and shipping and other activities related to life at sea.

Only after a short ride by car you have the great sights of the Atlantic Road, Grip, Veidholmen, The Aursjø Road and The Waterfall of Mardøla. 


Møst Seahouses - “a MUST for the quality conscious traveller”
— (the first 2 guests)