The 3 sea houses at the property “Nerbø”  in Møstavågen are built at an ancient centre   for trade. Where they today are situated, was an old quay that was used as a storage room. There was also refinement of fish at the quay. Every winter herring was salted and smoked there.

My grandfather bought “Nerbø” in 1919. The property was then a small farm with cattle, pigs, chicken, and a horse. My grandfather was trading codfish wholesale from Lofoten and the coast of Finnmark. The fish was salted and transported to Kristiansund for further sale. At the same time he opened a grocery shop here in Møstavågen.

Today there is neither shop nor active farming at the property. The times have changed, but like my grandfather and my father, I am also occupied with trade in different fields.

The winter of 2005 I was working in the woods and brought home timber from my own forest. At a local saw-mill the timber was cut and used for the sea houses.

The sea houses are built according to Norwegian building traditions. Through the choice of colours and setting we can recognize the ancient Norwegian tradition combined by modern furnishing, equipment and facilities.